World Vision

World Vision has decided to allow legal same-sex married couples to be employed at their company. Click on the link below for the story Hobby Lobby is the Supreme Court case to watch. Click on the link below to read the story I wonder what Jesus would say, do, or think in this ageContinue reading “World Vision”

Bilingual evangelistic event set in El Paso

I grew up in El Paso, Texas in a small modest home located in the Northeast section of the city. El Paso is unique place where culture, military, and desert reside together. I am very excited to know the Franklin Graham as made El Paso one of his stops to present the Gospel of JesusContinue reading “Bilingual evangelistic event set in El Paso”

Young minister describes journey in and out of Calvinism

Today as I was skimming the latest edition of the Baptist Standard, I came across this really really really good article that says so much of what I went through as a young seminarian full of 5 point Calvinists. This young man describes the God I have personally come to know; a loving, just andContinue reading “Young minister describes journey in and out of Calvinism”