Update: Friday, June 27 Acuna, Mexico

Meals continued and clothing sorted for the flood victims of Acuna, Mexico. Please continue to pray of cleanup efforts, feeding, and household items such as mattresses, chairs, and hygiene kits. Pray about what God would allow you to give financially to our neighbors. If we all contribute some, many will be blessed. To God beContinue reading “Update: Friday, June 27 Acuna, Mexico”

Update: Acuna Mexico Flood

  Photos by Luis Martinez & Lucy Floyd Today I am posting follow-up to many of your questions. The waters have receded, and the cleanup is ongoing. As you can see from the pictures, the Mexican military are patrolling, the feeding continues (Wednesday-2,500 meals served, Thursday-3,500 meals served), and the cleaning of personal belongings  suchContinue reading “Update: Acuna Mexico Flood”

Kingdom Investment: Acuna, Mexico

  As the feeding of 2500 people continues in Acuna, Mexico, lives are being changed. Yesterday, my friend Luis Martinez, who is on site as the coordinator texted about one thing that they are making sure that happens, and that is to share the Gospel of the Living Savior, Jesus. 10 salvations occurred yesterday. InvestmentsContinue reading “Kingdom Investment: Acuna, Mexico”