Update: Acuna Mexico Flood



Photos by Luis Martinez & Lucy Floyd

Today I am posting follow-up to many of your questions. The waters have receded, and the cleanup is ongoing. As you can see from the pictures, the Mexican military are patrolling, the feeding continues (Wednesday-2,500 meals served, Thursday-3,500 meals served), and the cleaning of personal belongings  such as sofas and beds.

On Thursday, 2 people professed Jesus as Lord and Savior, 10 others recommitted their lives to the Lord!

The main need is for financial support. The border is a tuff place to cross items of bulk quantity. The Mexican government prefers sales be made on their side of the border to pump the money in their economy, which does make sense. So, you can still donate good used clothing, and dry & canned food items. You can bring them or send them to FBC Del Rio, 301 Ave G., Del Rio, Texas 78840. Financial contributions can be made on-line through our website via paypal. Our website is www.fbcdelrio.com

Stay In the Light, 1 John 1:7

Pastor Larry


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