Marriage Covenant Certificate

Pastors want covenant certificates to replace marriage licenses October 24, 2014 By KEN CAMP / MANAGING EDITOR Some Texas Baptist pastors want fellow ministers to consider whether they should stop signing marriage licenses as agents of the state and start asking couples to sign covenant marriage certificates. To protect the free exercise of religion in theContinue reading “Marriage Covenant Certificate”

Is Your Church Reflecting Its Community?

By Thom S Rainer My research for Autopsy of a Deceased Church indicates one of the factors that leads to the decline of a healthy church is its refusal to look like the community. If you compare the faces of a dying church with the faces of the people who live in the community where the church isContinue reading “Is Your Church Reflecting Its Community?”

State of the Union – Real secrets of a happy marriage

State of the Union – Real secrets of a happy marriage By Bob Smietana Go to bed angry. Always keep score. And remember, honesty is not always the best policy. Those are some of the unexpected tips for wedded bliss from best-selling author and social researcher Shaunti Feldhan in her recent book, The Surprising Secrets ofContinue reading “State of the Union – Real secrets of a happy marriage”

Affair proof your marriage

Can you really affair proof your marriage? Is it really possible? How is it possible? What can you do to have the trusting, loving, and great marriage that God has in store for you? 1. Pray together 2. Date together 3. Communicate together 4. Play together 5. Spend quality time together 6. Stay together LooksContinue reading “Affair proof your marriage”