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Beginning on Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015, Lucy & I will be leading couples through a new marriage seminar entitled imarriage. I am excited to teach this all important study by Andy Stanley.

Here is a small description: Standing at the altar, we all had a picture of what our marriage would look like. The problem is this picture of marriage results in expectations that we unload on our spouse. The weight of these expectations can rob your marriage of love and joy. As a spouse you never feel like you measure up and you never feel like you are good enough. So what are you to do with your expectations? You can’t deny them, because most expectations started out as God-given desires. This series explains that you must learn to transform your expectations and look to God if you are to experience marriage as it was designed.

Our families are under heavy attack in our culture today. The family nucleus begins with the marriage. Without a covenant marriage, the family suffers. When the family suffers, society in general suffer as well. Confusion sets in over the smallest of all concerns like, “what is the definition of marriage?” It seems pretty simple that a marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. But now with 51 gender options available on Facebook, its no wonder there is so much confusion. Gender is a role, not a sex option, which is what you are at birth. Therefore it is agreed that you are male or female for a question like “what sex are you?”, but when it comes to a gender role, society says you can be anything you want to be.

So, without going further into more details, I think you can see the real issue is the identity of a marriage. We as Christians should hold to the Biblical view of a marriage being exclusive to one male married to one female for life. If we can determine that, then the family has a fighting chance to succeed. That is why my wife and I go to great lengths to do marriage enrichment and marriage coaching whenever we can. It is important!

Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,

Pastor Larry


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