God’s Wisdom for the Family Series

I have been out of the loop for awhile, but wanted to link a 10 week sermon series that I recently finished on Father’s Day, June 21. This series can be helpful for your family as you seek to bring God’s wisdom into your everyday lives. God’s Wisdom for the Family Series Stay In the Light,Continue reading “God’s Wisdom for the Family Series”

Vacation Bible School

First Baptist Church of Del Rio, Texas has begun it’s annual Vacation Bible School. For the second year we are doing a sports theme from MegaSportsCamp. We offer basketball, baseball, archery, soccer, and cheerleading. The colors are so bright and inviting for young children. I always love this time of year because of my passionContinue reading “Vacation Bible School”

Gospel spreading in Acuna, Mexico

Today, God had a task for a group of 3 from First Baptist Church. As we went to minister to this group of tornado victims, we gave cleaning supplies out to the families.  A group of children came running to one of the men so excited to see him. It melted my heart just knowContinue reading “Gospel spreading in Acuna, Mexico”

Marriage on the decline

Today’s post comes from USA Today: Regan: Marriage is going out of style Trish Regan, Special for USA TODAY Updated 11h ago It’s June — the time of year when we’re supposed to hear wedding bells. You know the drill: The invitations start pouring in and you find yourself scrambling to order gifts from registriesContinue reading “Marriage on the decline”