Modes of Mission: Applying Biblical Mission Practices in Our Ministry

We have examined three modes of mission in Scripture. Let’s apply them to today’s churches. | Ed Stetzer Rachel Titiriga / Flickr This is the fourth, and final, in a series of posts on different “modes of mission.” This all comes from an article I wrote for Evangelical Missions Quarterly, to which you may subscribe here. ThisContinue reading “Modes of Mission: Applying Biblical Mission Practices in Our Ministry”

Six Warning Signs of Church Dropouts

Six Warning Signs of Church Dropouts – Simply put, church growth equals more people coming into the church than leaving the church. Taking roll in small groups helps keep members accountable and to recognize when members may be having problems. Each small group or class needs someone to monitor absences and follow up with thoseContinue reading “Six Warning Signs of Church Dropouts”

Leadership from the book of Titus

For the past 2 weeks at City Church Del Rio, we have been looking into the first chapter of Titus in order to establish a Biblical view of true leadership. Leadership appointments in the church are the most important road to revival for our culture to truly turn from their current status and into God’sContinue reading “Leadership from the book of Titus”