God’s Plan for City Church Del Rio


The plans of God are the only plans the really matter in life, right? If you decide to make your own plans, you might be able to execute them and even succeed. They may even appear to be God ordained. God is a big God and He has the ability to allow you to plan out things and He is not going to stop blessing you because you didn’t include Him in those plans. That’s not how God operates. He is madly in love with you and wants the best for your life.

When you want purpose for your life, God is the One who knows best. He loves to be included in the process because He will do things that only He could have dreamed of. He really does have a great sense of humor and love all wrapped in one. When God is in the planning, you can step back and let Him work.

Since Nov 22, 2015, God has had His hand on a movement called City Church Del Rio. I say movement, even though we are a church, because nothing that has happened could have been planned by my or any other person in this movement. Only God could have orchestrated the “chess” moves that have taken place over the last 2 months.

Here is a rundown of all that God has done:

  1. 6 weeks of worship in a house church plant
  2. 5 weeks of worship in a church building of another church of another denomination
  3. Feb 7, 2016 begins a new direction at a church that will eventually became the first campus of City Church Del Rio.
  4. A full staff willing to sacrifice financial gain in order to fulfill a call
  5. A minister moves on, and God replaces Him the same Sunday with a new called minister
  6. The list can go on and on but you get the point

I am awed at all that He has done in so short a time. God I am yours, take me and fulfill your purpose in me and through City Church

Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7

Pastor Larry


Published by Larry E Floyd

Follower of Jesus the Messiah. Husband, father, grandfather, son, uncle, friend, and pastor

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