The Next Future Church Staff Position: Pastor of Community Evangelism

From Thom Rainer’s blog: Do you wish you could know the future? Frankly, I am content with enjoying the blessings of today. I don’t need or want to know the future. But I can see trends emerging and patterns developing. For that reason, I can say that the next new church staff position will beContinue reading “The Next Future Church Staff Position: Pastor of Community Evangelism”

4 responses to culture change

4 RESPONSES TO CULTURAL CHANGE By Ed Stetzer • April 10, 2016 16Feature-4-Responses-to-Cultural-Change-0411 Ed Stetzer: “The message of the gospel is necessarily countercultural and offensive to the human heart.” As followers of Christ, we won’t always fit into the world in which we live. In fact, we’ll often find ourselves going against the flow ofContinue reading “4 responses to culture change”

New Marriage Life Group

As we prepare for the summer, we will be starting a new marriage 5 week study entitled Love Does buy Bob Goff. Life Group begins April 20, and continues thru May 18. April 20-I’m with You April 27-Free to Fall May 4 -Audacious Love May 11 -Be Not Afraid May 18-Follow Me Book are $12 orderContinue reading “New Marriage Life Group”

The Best Marriages are The Best Friendships!

I received this email from Jimmy Evans’ Marriage Today. I thought I would share with you. Very insightful. The best marriages are built upon a foundation of good friendship. Before anything romantic happens, friendship needs to be present. You have to have good will toward each other. That’s what friendship means. There are seven stepsContinue reading “The Best Marriages are The Best Friendships!”

Gossip in the Church

Thom Rainer listed on His blog The nine ways gossip destroys a church are: It’s evil. It’s idolatrous. It’s self-centered. It’s divisive. It’s often deceptive. It harms reputations. It destroys trust. It indicates hypocrisy in the church. It risks God’s judgment Gossip is a destroyer of unity in the church. It can begin as a sampled seedContinue reading “Gossip in the Church”