The World’s Best Small Churches

This article comes from Christianity today. It reminds me of the church I pastor currently. We have never let our numbers dictate what God has called us to. I was re-reminded of our awesome church family by one of our members. So, if you are involved in a small church, don’t hesitate to do whatContinue reading “The World’s Best Small Churches”

James – The Nuts and Bolts of Christian Living

At City Church Del Rio, we have a simple mission strategy. We are to love God first and foremost, and after we have established that love for Him, we are to love people. When we try to love people without the love of Jesus truly present in our lives, our love for others is limitedContinue reading “James – The Nuts and Bolts of Christian Living”

Latest News From the Ground in Houston

Good morning everyone, I wanted to update you on the latest need in Houston from my very reliable sources on the ground doing actual distribution and shelter housing. Believe it not TOWELS are the real need currently in Houston for displaced families. I want to challenge anyone who can’t go but wants to be directlyContinue reading “Latest News From the Ground in Houston”