500 Years of Reformation

Today’s post comes from Dr. Jim Denison’s Forum: Nine hundred million Protestants the world over are remembering an event that was far more obscure at the time but soon changed the world. On October 31, 1517, an unknown monk in a small village nailed a document to the door of the town church. I’ve seenContinue reading “500 Years of Reformation”

Wise in the Lord’s Eyes, James 3:13-18

If you missed Sunday’s Sermon, here are the notes for you to follow along. May the Lord use His servant to glorify His name! Introduction—I wish we were all wise in the Lord’s wisdom. Really, I do. I know we can, but it really does take hard work. The saying “the things worth having, takeContinue reading “Wise in the Lord’s Eyes, James 3:13-18”