Church Revitalization Part 3

As you think about the future possibilities of your church, now is the time to dream of what can be. There are times that we get to do that. When a church is a plateaued stage or in a decline stage, it is that time to dream. Get together with some other successful leaders and…

Church Revitalization Part 2

How is your church doing in the area of post-covid? Attendance down? Giving down? Outreach down? Small groups down? If you answered yes to any of those scenarios, then you must look back to the pre-covid ministries of your church and evaluate the validity of your church’s health. There is a chance that the health…

Church Revitalization Part 1

When and why should a church explore the possibility of a revitalization process? What is the purpose? How does a church know it needs revitalization? These are swirling questions that are prevalent and frequent in Christian circles today. Church Revitalization is not a new topic, but it has gained lots of traction in an age…

Church Planting Today

We are at a time where I believe the model for church planting needs an upgrade. What does that mean? In this fast paced ever-changing world, it seems to me the church is always a few steps behind. I think it is time for the church to keep pace with the times we live in.…


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About Me

My name is Larry Floyd. I am the Executive Director for the El Paso Baptist Association. I am also a Certified Church Consultant trained through Thom Rainer’s Certification ministry. I am here to help churches revitalize, replant, or renew, in order to become the church God wants them to be. You can email me here

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