The sermon for Sunday, Oct 21, was not recorded, so I am sharing my sermon notes for everyone who missed seeing the sermon. Enjoy! Sunday, October 21, 2018 City Church Del Rio  Galatians Sermon Series—No Other Gospel, The Justified Gospel, 3:23-29 Introduction—Justification. A big Biblical word found throughout the Bible. A complicated word. A essentialContinue reading “THE GOSPEL OF JUSTIFICATION”

Gospel spreading in Acuna, Mexico

Today, God had a task for a group of 3 from First Baptist Church. As we went to minister to this group of tornado victims, we gave cleaning supplies out to the families.  A group of children came running to one of the men so excited to see him. It melted my heart just knowContinue reading “Gospel spreading in Acuna, Mexico”

The Gospel for Children

Making Sure Children Actually Hear the Gospel and Not Just a Bunch of Bible Stories Today I am posting an parenting article from Ed Stetzer: Enjoy! We must not only teach children the stories of Scripture. We must teach them the Story of Scripture. Ed Stetzer Children have a faith that is ready to go.Continue reading “The Gospel for Children”