Indestructible Marriage



Wednesdays will be for marriages, beginning Aug 27 at 6:30 pm. Several years ago, my wife and I began conducting marriage seminars, conferences, and classes of one sole purpose. We did so to put life back into the marriage of couples. Churches have forgotten that marriage ministry is an ongoing battle that needs nurturing year round, not just a few times a year. Divorce care has become the norm in the family ministry of churches. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is reactive instead of proactive. We choose to be proactive for our marriages to survive the ongoing demise of the family in our society.

We will begin an 8 week study titled the Indestructible marriage by Jimmy Evans. We are excited to begin this new chapter at our church. Our hope is that this will be the start of an ongoing ministry that will continue to grow and feed into our family based ministries that we have to offer. I am looking forward to this time and am ready to have the flame fanned for our couples here at FBC Del Rio.

Unbreakable…permanent…enduring…Do these words describe your relationship? They can. You and your spouse have the ability to safeguard your marriage and abound in joy, intimacy ,security and pleasure. The Indestructible Marriage will show you that no matter the quality of your relationship today, you can have a lasting and thriving marriage. In this life-changing series, Jimmy Evans will reveal:

  • The perfect roles of husbands and wives
  • How to overcome communication barriers
  • Different kinds of loves and why only one will last
  • How to be romantic in your spouse’s language
  • Keys to divorce-proof and affair-proof your marriage

So many people are losing confidence in the institution of marriage and it is having a catastrophic effect on society. The good news is that marriage still works when you follow the right plan. The Indestructible Marriage will help you turn the tide and revolutionize your relationship.

Stay In The Light, 1 John 1:7

Pastor Larry


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