The BGCT’s divide—not what you think


Here is an interesting take on the Texas Baptist’s state convention. I believe we could apply this article to churches as well. The church I currently pastor (FBC Del Rio) is at a crossroads too. We are seeing a financial crunch and have had to curve spending by 20%. Many have found not only conventions and associations irrelevant, but also churches. Money that used to be a no brainier like the tithe (10%), has become a topic of discussion even for leaders in the church. How could the tithe be a discussed topic and not assumed that leadership was already tithing or giving even more than 10%? I am in prayer for the future of church, conventions, and other Christian organizations. I know they will always exist in some form or fashion, but there is a need to reinvent how church leaders will be compensated since the funding has left the building.

Now to the Baptist Standard’s article written by Marv Knox; Here is the link: Editorial: The BGCT’s divide—not what you think.

Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,

Pastor Larry


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